Ever the dullard I see.

Dullard is such a good word. I should use it more often.

When freeze retards your cold potion, you can trigger another sip of cold potion.

Yarl shows up in diagnosis, so if you choose to there are appropriate triggers for that.

Your inability to see the bigger picture astounds me. There are defences to web, with an appropriate mana drain.

The defences to web are available at a suitable level of experience, I don't think anybody is questioning that.

The over-powered part of freeze is the ridiculous amount of time it takes to remedy it. Which is why, if you read my previous post with your brain engaged you will see that I am advocating a skill be introduced to minimise this. Or can you justify why I am able to cleave in the time it takes someone to break free from freeze?

Your conclusions are pointless. Your accusations of \"it was done to me first\" are spurious. We are talking about now and moving forward.

But please. Post again. I'm desperate for you to come up with a sound argument to support your case.


Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1122.