I will try and use simple language for the benefit of Grymauch and the

other paladins who are having great difficult in grasping the simple

concepts involved in this matter.

The skills are designed to make trigger happy curing a little bit more difficult.

Of course you can trigger another sip, of course you can trigger diagnosis at

every available opportunity, however that might not save you from being

frozen or slain by the yarl.

You have to mentally put your mind into gear and realise, hey my cold spell

resistance has gone - I had better move before he casts it again! This, a trigger

cannot do for you so easily.

I acknowledge your attempts to introduce new abilities to affect freezing

that is commendable however I do not think it is necessary. It is not the end

of a fight when you have been frozen. I have been frozen countless times by

a certain paladin and on countless occasions the battle has continued without

the freezing being the deciding factor. Indeed I would say this is true

for any major fighter. (You do not count - obviously freezing just finishes

you off)

In the last 10 posts or so we have exchanges points of view back and forth

and unfortunately for you it would appear that you are the one who is talking

out of your ass. That much is clear and evident from the facts which make

up our arguments.

I believe I have provided a robust, legible and sound case whilst your

case revolves around 'I can't handle it, I die as soon as I'm frozen so there

must be a problem'


Written by my hand on the 9th of Agamnion, in the year 1122.