Charms and effects.

I am pleased to see that finally you have addressed the matter at hand

which is the relative power of the freeze charm compared with other


However you are wrong to suggest it is overpowered and I shall illustrate why.

The web charm works instantly, however it can be countered easily by keeping

certain defences up or using a trigger. This usually results in breaking out

of the web at the same time as the caster regaining equilibrium.

The freeze charm however does nothing when you are first struck by it.

It merely retards your cold resistance, allowing you a time frame to take

appropriate steps to avoid being frozen (or at the very least to minimise

the chance of being frozen so often)

The beauty in the skill however (which I believe is a design factor) is that

like Yarl (another powerful skill) it reduces the effectiveness of the trigger.

In one to one combat there is no reason why any party is more likely to be able

to freeze the other party with the exceptions of rangers. (Due to immunity to charm

and casting jabbing capability)

In conclusion I think it is in no way overpowered, and evidently neither

do many paladins who I believe showed me the effectiveness of the skill to begin



Written by my hand on the 8th of Agamnion, in the year 1122.