and Zwartia.

Pay attention and I'll spell it out to you.

Freeze in it's current format is over-powered. That is my opinion. I can cleave in the time it takes someone to get out of freeze. As there is no skill, herb, potion or rune to remove fire protection, we see Zakath jabbing gylvir, and Zwartia splashing fire protection potion and them both freezing.

It is not a coincidence that the two mouths from the west we see defending freeze are the cheapshot bastards who rely on it.

Remove the skill? No reason to. And what would you replace it with? Balance it with some way to remove fire protection, something to speed up gaining cold protection, some universal barrier cream to prevent splashing of any sort.

As it is, I can immunise myself againg gylvir, but is it reasonable to expect people to wait till they get ult+ survival before they can defend against this, when any kid can rub gylvir and get a charmed item?

A herb to block splashing should be looked at seriously, although those who rely on splash sleep, splash compassion, splash fire protection might be a bit miffed by this.

Compare freeze to web, how long does it take a kid to struggle from a web? How long when able to break free? And how difficult to get netdodging? But there is no equivalent skill. I would vote in favour of a skill in survival called \"shiver\" where you can force yourself to shiver and throw off a freeze in half the time.

Now, I hope I've been able to explain this without too much of that nasty name calling, even though you are both cheapshot kid-jumping bastards. Zwartia, you should stay out of it, you actually make Zakath look honourable and decent next to you.

And em, I've never had a diety speak to me about evoking peace while dp. I've certainly done it before, then through discussion on our guild board we agreed that it and a few other things were best refrained from. It's called self-discipline, it's something the big boys and girls do, rather than expect a diety to have to tell us every single thing we can and can't, should and shouldn't do.

Now you can try another post to Grymauch, subject \"You\", or \"Freeze\" or whatever and I'll shoot it down too. Or, you can try and make a coherent post that might result in something to keep a good balance and add to the enjoyment of the land?

Oh, and incase you're stuck for name-calling retorts, I'll suggest a few for myself when I sign off.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdale, teaming, DP, stock-dwelling, panning, farming, pool hugging bastard in a skirt.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Agamnion, in the year 1122.