Ender, Chaotic Rangerto Kal Zakath

Do you want a challenge without macros or on Javalon, as they are clearly not the same thing.

Javalon has 120ish macros which I would obviously have to setup, practice and become familiar with (given that its been 7 years sinse I used them last). To commit 120 different macros to memory would take me about a week of practice.

Unlike you, my main attack is not a simple \"jj ender\", given my primary attack is spit and blowpipe I would have to \"outp nann, spit nann at zakath/blowpipe nann zakath\".

If you are proposing a challenge with no macros what so ever (not even internal ones) then I will politely refuse. If however you are proposing a challenge that's only constraint is the use of the Javalon client (and internal macros are allowed) then

I am interested.


Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1093.