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Kal Zakathto Ender, Chaotic Ranger

My apologies as I did not see your message which as posted as mine was being


The stakes of 3 ultimates are too high for one such as myself who is on little, I

am a gambling man and willing to win or lose but one ultimate is as much as I

can afford to gamble.

Your proposal of gem quests being run in such a fashion is fascinating and should

definately be explored. Perhaps in future the gem showing combatitive prowess should

be run in such a fashion as it is obvious to me that a level playing field will surely

show the real fighters from the computer fighters.

I disagree that it would take much practice for the fighters of avalon as you obviously are

to switch to no triggers or alias's. Fast movement, quick typing and an awareness of combat

are all that is required.

Should you choose to be willing to gamble one ultimate, let us find a neutral deity and

complete the challenge.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1093.