Kal Zakathto Ender, Chaotic Ranger

Macro's are absolutely fine.

It is a level playing field I am hinting at. Everyone with the same

resources fighting to prove who is the best. In Java everyone has

no triggers or alias's, and everyone has the same number of potential

internal macros.

Thus a fight is not based on how good you have programmed an anti-poison programme

or how good your 'auto heal on low health' programme is. It is based on how good

you are as a raw basic fighter. (I am not pointing a finger at your programming, just

a figure of speech)

Who knows, the winners in a java fight might well be the same winners in a normal fight.

What I am getting to is that to be the undisputed real fighter in avalon, you must be

able to do it without triggers and alias's. In the java setting there is a real opportunity


separate the real fighters from the programmers.

I've been speaking to an old one time enemy, who pointed this out to me. In the present

when someone is hit with Kaskamak. nobody gives a damn, their programme will cure it in

an instant.

On Java and in the old days it was Shit!! Kaskamak!!!! outp denallllo argh!!! uotp denallo

no!!! outp denallo, eat denallo. And that was a whole lot more fun than the clinical approach


So how about it deities of avalon. Java week? Java Gems? Its loads of fun!


Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1093.