You are wrong.

You were not engaged in a mutual challenge, the very fact that you cannot issue a challenge again during each phase of the day is no accident.

Shouting that you both agree to fight and it is mutual is cute, but does not give you the right to then insult anyone who jumps in to your little scuffle.

For example, you challenge Edgtho and Edgtho shouts he agrees to it.

Then I log on, see that only you have challenged Edgtho and that Edgtho must be running scared, refusing to fight you.

Having no record of your shouts, I am well within my right to go attack Edgtho without being insulted and moaned at about attacking in a mutual challenge.

I do not think there is any written record of this rule anyway, but it is a sensible guideline to follow.

Just follow it properly, that is all.

Oh and Athena, it is \"you are\" not \"your\".

Since you write that word in almost every post you make I figured you might as well start getting it right, eh.

Ranger Keldor.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1072.