In the example you give, you are careful to set forth that you are not on

notice of the nature of the combat between the two parties. As I said in my

last post, under those circumstances, I would have nothing to be disgusted by.

With respect to what actually happened, however, Aerian took the time to

inform himself of the nature of the combat undertaken by Edgtho and myself,

and was notified -- privately -- that it was a mutual challenge. His jump,

THEREFORE, is no different than if he had been publicly notified that

it was a mutual challenge by virtue of technically correct public issuance.

If Aerian had not gone to the trouble of putting himself on notice of our

mutual combat, I would not have PRIVATELY lambasted him for such act. That he

did jump -- even after taking the time to notify himself we were engaged

in a mutual challenge -- shows me he is a coward. That he, or anyone, would

attempt to draw a distiction where they are on notice, in my opinion, is

a distinction without difference.

I dare say, Keldor, that you would not give an exampe wherein you were on

notice of the mutual challenge, and jump anyway. I dont believe you would

bring such dishonour upon yourself.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Eleuthral, in the year 1072.