Sarak, the Dark Embraceto Father Cimares

First off, kes, i had no problems with you until i read this post, you disgrace my, my brothers in my order, and most importantly, you disgrace Xanthe and what she stands for, i will not sit here as a member of the order of vengeance and listen to thi


All i have to say is i hope Xanthe shows some pitty for you, and tries to stop me from doing whatever i can to make your life hell.

And my brother, cimares, i dont really like posting order matters on the fighters board, but since kes does not have the honour to be able to read our order board, i felt here was as good as any

Cimares, and dont try to explain the meanings of vengeance to kes, he knows how to do 2 things, run to the pool, and sit in the pool, he could not possibly understand the meanings of vengeance, let alone the different types

Written by my hand on the 12th of Eleuthral, in the year 1072.