Oh sure.

Even though your post was about as long-winded as mine, Plaman, it was directed towards Lord Damocles,

NOT you. The other thing you are mistaken about is using your arrowed thievery to steal

from me. That, I assure you, will be paid back to you 10 fold. So it would honestly be easier

if you learned to play nice and just gave it back. Herbie and I teleported to you mere seconds

after you whisked away to your HP room. You were not there longer than 2 seconds before we came

after you. When we portalled out, I went to my guild to use my stone only to find that my guild

keys were gone as well as my backpack. Herbie and I were there for about 15 seconds before we

portalled out and the whole time you were shooting arrows and throttling us. The log shows

NOTHING of thievery by you. Therefore, the only conclusion left is that your HP room has a

natural affinity for removing backpacks without the victim knowing.

I consider that some of the WORST game-play ever used by a fighter. I am tired of you

bitching and moaning about getting teamed by 2 mercineans when one of their citizens 1/8th your

size was killed moments earlier (Ximinea). That was the reason for our attack.

What's even more hysterical is how you can say you were 'defending' your Lords' temple!

What in the name of Slim Pickins are you talking about??! We can't DO anything to your temple, nor

anything to YOU in your temple, so what is the point of attacking and stripping people inside of it???

I considered you a better player than that, Plaman. I realize now that its just a matter of

cheating everyone else out.

I look forward to Damocles removing his EDF as well as his brother, Orthwein. Then maybe we shall

fight again.

And don't flatter yourself. The attention you seek is simply a 1-900 number away.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 1064.