oh no.

I shan't sleep now. I have lost respect in your eyes. I will work endlessly until I achieve that respect again because we all know I aspire to impress you. Why the fact that I have basically ignored you these last several months just shows how much

I want to impress you. Bitching and moaning perhaps though I think all I said is glad it takes 2 of you, told you to shut up though I admit in some rather blunt and crass words I usually do not use and let you know I planned to kill you both. k

Now shall we do the cycle of fighting? I was attacked for attacking Ximinea. Ximinea was slain because she was mercinaen to draw herbie out who moments before had tried to kill me in his home and wouldn't come out. Why did he bring me into his hom

e? Because I had pills. Why did I have pills. Because Sirwin was in their being teamed and dying and I tried to help. etc etc. The lovely cycle of avalon

Also learn some skill use. herbie sent 2 or 3 portals into the temple before you two came. Since the eq balance on portal is what 2 or 3 seconds you could not have possibly followed me in a mere 2 seconds.

I look forward to you paying me back 10 fold. I think that makes you the 1 billionth customer who has sworn they were going to pay me back and chase me away. I have been threatened by better and worse players. Some have done well in pestering me ot

hers have failed. All I have relished the challenge and am still here so less talk and just bring it.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 1064.