Ah I so love attention.

Ah I love how we leave out portions of the story. Indeed you and Herbie killed me. Twice even I applaud your teamwork and it flatters me it takes the two of you. Please spare the you are edf thing. I have killed you before you were edf'ed and will

likely do so again when and if Damocles removes it.

My highpriest power is used no different then any other fighting highpriest. I never use it to escape fights I intiate. I never use it during challenges. I had been called back to the temple by my lord and I returned. You decided to continue your

attack on me while I was going back tis not my problem. As for attacking you you make it sound as if you popped in right behind me. I had actually been sitting there for a few moments. Long enough to sort some inventory and get defences up. Long e

nough for both of you to notice where I was. I attacked when you came and I will continue to attack enemies of my lord who come to the temple. Since they were merely arrow shots had you died then you are all the more fool for it.

As for your items. Runed and cursed items, although giving considerable protection, does not guarantee it is 100% proof vs a thief. What would be the point of thievery if everything could be 100% safe?

I am sure another long winded post is coming and I appreciate the attention.

As Always Love Me,


Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 1064.