the pantheon.

Sir Dunccan Mare Imbriumto Everyone

The gods. are divided really into two lclasses. ) (as my understanding goes=) the omnipotents namely Genesis the God of time and Apollo the God of light.+

And every body else. Now the fact is that yes with teh the actions of damocles and orthwein. both great ones in their own right. and both with reputations of good fighters in their mortal days have a bone to pick with the Goddes Goddess of the moon.

Why? I m am not quite certain the fact is that fighting something you ANOT. CANOT. fight back is like. well being an lw and getting stripped by Zenichiro. the frustration . the. lack of. ability to do ANYTHING. is what can push a person to qui

t. see this is the guisete. guiste? i am not sure how to spell this work. sigh. telnet please excuse me. thei. this word. geist? well the situation is this. once

once a long time ago a ilittle ranger named arkamedius was getting stripped and i mean badly by Zenichiro. because arkamedius had protected india when Zenichiro went after her. This ranger being oh.l mabey one sixteenth zenis size was calling on me

for help +

I had finished killing zenichiro earlier that day and was in the middle of a flag quest i could do nothing and i needed to go help ark. so i asked the dieity in charge of the quest to let me out i told him why. he killed zeni and ghosted him. then s

aved the little ranger from thie. the. clutches of the basterd.

For that act I owe this god an honor debt. and i am sure zeni haeted not being able to do anything about being ghosted, ) (he probly talked back at the god in queston) so the point of this is... lords. deities. Have your followers attack HER follower

s. if this could be more pleasing to you. and drain essence that way, because. you must remember how. just. useless and frustrated it must have felt to not be able to fight back. to have your jabs tdo. 70 damage to the guy who was killing your g

uildmaster and friends

see there is now. no way to LEARN. to fight vs what you are dealing out. so i would ask mercy not for myself. but for the others. it was a long time. before we had people that fight for the \"Good\" side logging on at the hours they . did. and th

e people who have quit are just. that many less hadnds to help us. to help the young squires. the small cubs. the fledgling mages.

less teachers. less.friends.

Dunccan. knight of mercinae.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Springflower, in the year 1059.