what makes people leave.

Zerina the Irresistibleto Everyone

Whenever we hear of someone leaving the game due to harsh treatment, theres a slew of posts about treating the customers better. But I am sure that something I have seen myself is borne out in statistics, that the biggest reason people have for leaving

is boredom. So anything that alliviates the boredom , be it plans for invasion, an enemy to best or the divine fireworks must ultimately help the game and keep people interested.

I believe so much has already been sacrificed in order to keep the customer satisfied. I WANT this land to be unpredictable, to have at times my very existence comprmised by the will of the Gods, I WANT to have the trials and tribulations that Avalon

can throw at me so that days do not just melt into one another with nothing to mark their differences. Long life the capriciousness of the gods!

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1059.