Sir Fireforge, First Amongst Mento Everyone

Well, two excellent posts from Maiya and Dunccan, IMHO. To all the Gods, I say listen to Dunccan, if you will, because what challenge are the likes of mere mortals to power such as yours? What greater challenge it may be, to use your followers. to le

ad or manipulate them, to bring glory in your name? Think of it from the eyes of an innocent: Does he follow a God who's followers win with might and cunning, enjoying the spoils of victory and basking in the splendour of their Divinity! Or does he fo

llow a God that turns him merely through fear of what would happen should he follow another? Or perhaps simply leave, as he came to this world for it's freedoms, and found them denied him by an Immortal. The greatest faith and loyalty comes from those

who choose to believe, not from fear of the consequences of another path. Look back to the Mythology of Earth. The Pantheons of Greek, Oriental, and Nordic Gods. abandoned now. their history rife with tales of abuse and disdain of those who would

worship them. The Gods here have the power to to survive and rule forever. as Long as Avalon follows them freely. (Plus it's gonna get pretty boring if we all end up bad/good guys 'cos there's only one alignment of gods left to follow, right *wink*)

Written by my hand on the 28th of Springflower, in the year 1059.