yeah yeah.

Lorebreaker Elysiumto Nightmare Babidi, Fate's End

My who list showed you SE thakria square as I logged on, I was in BB two minutes, came out and was instantly summoned (within 1-2 seconds), remarkable timing don't ya think ?

As can be attested on the city bb, I have been logging on to post and logging straight off for several weeks now. So don't try the you can't have been leaving, you had time to come back and post routine, you know full well you never saw the messenger

of the gods message after you summoned me, so how did I depart the land ?

The last time you challenged me I was an animist. You knew I couldn't issue back which is why you did so. That was the time you let one of your own guild members die rather than stop chasing me for 5 seconds.

The offer still stands, I'm in the States next month. I'd love to meet your girlfriends and be beaten up by your highly trained body. But of course, all those msgs were a little boy in denial weren't they.

You can't roleplay and you can't even fantasise a believable Real Life. How pathetic can you get.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1052.