The witness.

Babidi, (god, I hate your name -- i am so sick of typing it, i'm just gonna call

you adolf from now on). +

Anyways, I was there the whole time Adolf, from the moment Elysium came on, to

the time when the city alarmed me that you had entered the city of Parrius when

I KNEW you were SE of thakria Square as well. When I went to you, you were

engaged with a terrifyingly difficult challenge with a Parrian man whose

mustache was lashing you terribly. Upon your mighty kill, you took the ccc

character, left to a different loc in Parrius and summoned him into the Fletchers

shop as soon as he came out of the bb (ely that is). I was there, dp and got

his body when he died.

You laughed.

To be honest, I found it funny too. Not because of how easy a kill it was as you

or anyone would have died in the same way most likely, but the countless times

you take advantage of these situations. The fact is you don't need them.

This is a fighters board, and we all know you're a good fighter. But if you

continue to kill people so cheaply, the day will come, quite soon where we all

will just get the notion that you're really not divine material. Unless you

want to go down in history as the God of Delusion, stop your nonsense and fight

someone with their defenses up, their herb pouches and runes still attached

to their bodies and keep your mouth shut when a non-thakrian dies and you laugh

in their face

because when they turn around and kill them redeeming whatever

fight they just previously lost, it makes you look very, very stupid.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Agamnion, in the year 1052.