Theives, Pirates, and Idiocy.

Sir Dunccan Knight Marshall of Mercinaeto Everyone

Friend tukar, for one who declares himself not a fighter, a virtual coward, and complains that his skills arnt good for fighting you sure post on this board alot. I have fought you, can kill you offhandedly, tis not an idle boast because most anyone c

an state the same.

I have fought plaman, not most anyone can say they win against him, I sure cant how do you figure, you being almost at par \"skill\" wise can suck so much, and blame it on your skillset or help bandits?

For one who says he doesnt have time to answer tells from idiots you sure spend enough time posting on various boards, why? dont you have better things to do? Like leading a whole city?.

I think you should go pw, or setup a permanent state office in your shop, because frankly i dont see how you can make any decisions, hiding in your hole, and popping out to hawl people into staves.

Avalon is a good balanced game, I do whine about some things smile it is our nature. like heads being so powerfull in warfare for example (too powerfull!) also, i have been beaten by one peron of each profession on a regular basis and have also beate

n some people of each profession (not the same usually mind you) and I find that the game IS balanced

You just have to learn and keep trying,

Jhor. everybody wants to be on your i have a bigger thang then you list, all i can say to that Is that you left out alot of ppl(i dont include myself for i dont fight teams of my peers) but you did leave out alot of very worthy people,

Not that they care probly,

On to other matters. How bout a tourney, sort of like the sucky babidi tournaments but on a grand scale with contenders from each weight class fighting umong themselves for prizes and such? Even though they SUCKED, i must admit the babidi tournaments

are fun. so we should organize a big one

First prize might be getting the patron you want or stuff like that (this ofcourse with the gods willingness) but even if there is no devine intervention we could set up the tourney, one on one, two man teams, and a big furball.

How bout it?

Written by my hand on the 19th of Hindyear, in the year 1042.