SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!.

I said i'm not a fighter, True. I NEVER said that my skills aren't good enough for fighting you moron. I love how you honorless, deitiless knights elaborate everything to your own concoction. If you feel or want to state that bandits have no good sk

ills for fighting, please speak to all the ordainable bandits.

I've also fought you and have killed you from time to time. Now shut your yapping trap, it is getting old and warn out. Why you come and post something a week after a long strung out stupid string from your guild, i'll have no clue, but next time you

get doped up on nyquil, don't post to the BB.

\"and popping out to hawl people into staves. \" ROFLMAO

That's all i have to say in response to that.

Gotta love knights that have killing envy.

Tukar, inane answer to an inane post out of left field. Will the idiotcy ever end?

Written by my hand on the 25th of Hindyear, in the year 1042.