Seers and Thieves.

You may notice that many of the gods were mortal at one point and many of them were either seers or thieves.

As far as I am concerned I find the seer guild the hardest to fight.

The thieves I have seen in this land take on everyone and win are numerous including threap when he was a thief.

However Tukar has admitted he aint a good fighter and is a basic coward and is infact inept and useless.

His rantings and ravings here seem to make a lot of us laugh especially when we make him eat his own underpants.

And for a person who seems to constantly run out on you when you get into trouble and only comes when he knows

he will win (ie has around 5 of his mates with him), I don't understand why you still stick up for this little


Ahh perhaps he will run parrius likes he runs his life, in the sewers, where his smell is disguised amongst

the filth down there.


Written by my hand on the 1st of Midsummer, in the year 1042.