<sigh Must this continue.....

Actually, I was responding to your points, you just didn't follow the logic, not surprising, you're a mage after all.

You are correct, every fight is a classroom. Also, most of the time I see you, you are DP, often for long periods, and what I said was that I will make it a point to put you on DP.

I can read quite well thanks. I suggest you learn to do the same. Plan on getting a good education, cause you're gonna have a lot of \"classrooms\" in the very near future.

As to one point that you made about our fight, my pride being the reason for my second death. Aye, that was the reason, it will also be the reason for many more deaths over the years. I can't stand losing to people I know I should squash with little

effort, irritates the fire out of me

Just to save a post, Creal... My second point did have a logical backing, as well as an obvious experimental backing. My proof... your post to me... You said exactly what I said, just in a different way.

Dartanian, Tired of typing

Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1036.