Some advice from the sidelines...

You have to realise, Sorianon, that to a sorcerer, the definition

of 'DP, often for long periods' is different than the one you, or

others from your cityu (or allied townships) might have.

To the average Thakrian, a few hours under DP might be considered

'a long period', but to a sorcerer such a length of time would

be considered unthinkable, at least in general, and most divest

themselves of the sickening Divine Protection within seconds of

gaining it. It is a shuddersome thing that makes our skin crawl,

and we are often dismayed at how so many wear it so well. Further,

perhaps now, you can appreciate the horror instilled in us by

the concept of pacifism?

And Dartanian, Shame on you for forgetting that a short period of

Divine Protection for your enemies often means 'being repeatedly

forced to be protected by various protagonists during a extended

period of total brutality'. You know what I mean, like the way

that they call 'teaming' 'Justice' when its them doing it and

'dishonourable' or 'cheating' when we do it.

Its all about perspective.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Leaflost, in the year 1036.