You're right, I may not know too much about the sorcerers. But I do

know two things: one, a great portion of you do not have any honor,

however much you may protest (there are a SLIM few of you that actually

do, so I retract my statement that all of you are puke), and that I am

not afraid to die. Gods Dartanian, haven't you been reading anything?

Every death is a lesson, every fight is a classroom. *laugh* Besides,

most all sorcerers that see me try and kill me anyway, so it's not that

big of a change in my daily routine. *grin*

And by the way Dartanian... I haven't been DP for a good while now. I

said that as well; if you had been reading, you would've realized that

as well. Hmm, what was I saying about intellectual fools?

And Lamothe... You're right, I am getting long and boring here, so let's

just sum it up. Dartanian: Deal with it.

--Young Mage Sorianon, Student Extraordinaire

P. S.: Interesting response to my last post Dartanian, mainly, not

addressing any of its issues. \"There's no point in trying to make a

point to an intellectual fool who will always dart and dodge around

the truth. \" Heh, what a cool quote.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Leaflost, in the year 1036.