No Surprise.

In anticipation of your whinging I shouted to the land the exact situation that

occured so there would be dozens of witnesses to your put your crap

in perspective.

This is my final post on the subject for the record.

We had a challenge, you died without laying a single point of damage on me

and managed to persuade an animist to deprive me of the pleasure of shipping you by

ressurecting you.

You then challenge again, a much more protracted fight in which I died to

olvar once and you retreated on several occasions - then I lost link.

Cursing the fates and spending a minute reconnecting via a different route

I log on to find myself almost dead but you not in the location.

I portal to you and kill you and then realise you have suffered a similar fate

of lost connection.

Your life potion kicks in and I have a simple choice, I could have stripped you

naked (a horrible thought in itself) but no i merely take your swords

to replace the platemail shattered during the fight kill you

and offer you.

By now we are way past the 2 minute timeout period (so timeout would have saved you)

I did ask several Animists to ress your ghost - so learn your lesson timeout on !.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Cloudburst, in the year 1035.