simple choice ?.

Faced with an obviously link dead opponent - you frankly admit you knew I was linkdead. You are faced with the choice of either partially stripping me or completely stripping me ?

How about option 3) Backing off ? Stripping someone afk is fair game - stripping someone who has been booted is so fucking lame even for a gutless worm like you.

Being out of life potion I did get an animist to revive me - after you killed me once (I was in my customary 3-6 lag and was also trying new tactics - no excuse though I should never die to someone as apalling a fighter as you 1 on 1)

The next challenge you die - like it or not, and I

m kicking your ass around going for the second kill when I get booted.

Admit it - you were so angry about once again being slapped around by me you took it out on my linkdead body. You are \"supposed\" to be the \"good guy\" Mr High Priest of Light - yet you use tactics looked down upon by even the most diabolical sorc.

Like I said, every day you become more cowardly, more spiteful and more pointless.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Cloudburst, in the year 1035.