The forces of light sink even lower.

Here's a clue.

If I'm standing there in a challenge not doing a great deal - as in nothing - it probably means I'm experiencing technical difficulties.

I congratulate you on your ability to steal one of my swords while I am link dead.

Allanon your evilness and lack of honour disgusts me.

I was stood as a ghost for lord knows how long before being dumped by the dieties. So you knew I was having problems reconnecting. Yet you presumably just giggle to yourself, unflake the sword and either offer or unforge it.

Everyday I think you are the biggest low life pathetic coward to step foot in the land, and everyday you proove me wrong by sinking to greater depths.

Still my nice new sword say \"Hi! \" and looks forward to cutting off your head again and again and again.

And before any smartmouth says use timeout - well normally I do and it would not have helped in this situation. I assume even allanon is capable of killing a frozen target in under 2 mins and logging off as a ghost causes same xp loss, and my sword wo

uld still have been on the ground.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Mournsend, in the year 1035.