Why bore everyone ?.

I am sorry my last post got cut off I was going to ask for others

people to suggest fantasy conversations between yourself and Koyen

perhaps involving lamothe and a lot of rubbing and other self abuse

(I assume you are more skilled at abusing yourself than your

pathetic attempts to abuse others).

I apologise formally to Anjiin for eating a pill to Room of Stars, it was the

next pill in my inventory and I did not mean to appear in a location where you were

fighting a challenge.

The fact that I only found out it was a challenge when asking anjiin for the 5th

time to nullify flagg only for Flagg to tell me a challenge was taking place

I also apologise to anjiin for - checking for challenges when trying to

avoid a 5 man Thakrian Assasination Squad (what lovely phrasing

so much more creative than insipid words like team) is not really at the top of my list

of priorities.

of priorities.

One last point Glowballistic, I freely admit screwing up bad in our last

challenge - please challenge again soon I will be happy to respond.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1035.