And More.

Sorianon of the Magesto Lady Koyen, the Fair

First of all, allow me to reiterate my earlier statements that my love for

Avalon grows daily in its current state, and if nothing were to change from here

on, I would not dislike the game any less.

Next, my current beliefs about the Immortals can only come from my experience in

Avalon, as do all of my opinions about Avalon in general. People have told us

stories about Avalon's past, however they choose to view it, but in my opinion

these tales of the past are, while mildly entertaining, almost utterly pointless

in the face of the present. Calagan, I believe it was you who told me that if I

think Avalon may be properly termed as a bloodbath now, I should've seen how it

was in the past. While that admonition does help put today's Avalon into perspective

slightly, it doesn't change my viewpoint of the present. This statement applies

to how you, Koyen, replied that I am wrong if I think Immortals don't come and

speak with us and asking us our viewpoints, because with the exception of two

instances in which I felt a problem was important enough to me to gather my courage

and ask an Immortal about it--receiving extremely brief responses each time--no

Immortal has ever spoken to me. I do not begrudge them this, as I am very young

in Avalon and not yet worthy of their attention, but it is the truth, and fortifies

my earlier statement.

In short, I'll believe it when I see it.

And lastly, you have suggested that Avalon's reality is bound by Avalon's rules,

just as our own lives are bound by such limitations. To this, I reply that in

Avalon, reality is what its players and Immortals decide it will be. I do agree

that when you're deep into the game--when you actually become that Cavalier bleeding,

or that Mage dancing, or that Ranger sneaking--and then someone shouts something

about the real life reality that we all are trying to escape for a brief period in

time, it is distracting and has the potential to break Avalon's spell. That, however,

is not my point. When I spoke of whether to come to Avalon to enjoy its realism

or not, I did indeed speak of Avalon's reality, which is so different from our own.

Unlike the real world, however, Avalon's reality is not only vastly more expansive,

but it is also malleable. It is workable, changeable, and everything that happens

here--well, ALMOST everything--can be logically explained, because this is a realm

of fantasy. There are rules here, but most of them are by no means set in stone.

I don't believe there is some rule written somewhere that explicitly tells Immortals

to limit interaction with us to as little as possible. (Actually, this is proven

by the fact that we mortals are occasionally graced by Lord Orthwein's lovely

singing voice.) Is it an argument that just about anything is possible in the

realm of Avalon? For if that particular point is proven false, I shudder at the


Of course, I'm young, so I could be wrong. Anyone, feel free to correct me.

In respect to Avalon's continuing excellence,

--Sorianon of the Mages, A. K. A. Doubting Thomas

Written by my hand on the 4th of Springflower, in the year 1033.