Here !.

Ack, all of you stop posting essays !!!!.

One last comment. The gods do speak. Choose a patron whose sphere and role fits your concept in avalon

then start offering and trying to gain their attention and play as well as you can in the hope that

they will accept you into their Order. Once in, play well, offer lots, dont whine and be the

best follower you can with their sphere and goals in mind. I guarantee you will get spoken to.

Now this is the fighters board, not the theological debating board. (please dont suggest one anyone)

And with murder in mind, I'm going to sharpen my knife for when i get home from my hols. And someone is going

to 'get it'.

I believe I offered Arthor first dibs on my stink ordainable sewer hide. So ! lets get it on.

Calagan, Whispering the Torments of Angels.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Springflower, in the year 1033.