Debate continues.

Lady Koyen, the Fairto Sorianon of the Mages


First,i'd like to applaud to Calagan,Krill and Ragar who simply took my thoughts and shaped it really well.

Now,Sorianon,i believe that when people speak about reality we mean not real life,bonded by all it's rules,but reality of this world. In this,by all means,great magic world there are rules too. Just emagine those rules and it will become true to you.

What i mean by reality is if cavalier,bleeding,with half broken armour fighting in the middle of forgotten forest against mage... swirling rituals impower surrounding,ranger is sneaking by,smoking pipes at you... and then suddenly someone shouts \"Happy

holidays\" or \"I'm from Colorado\" or anything like that... well,the feeling,the reality is suddenly gone.

To your point about Immortals... i suggest one day you should go to the Pool and have a dream about Lord Orthwein. In the process you will hear about life of mortal,who walked around same places we walk today many decades ago.

This will show you one of examples for life of true dedication,life filled with passion,with desire to win.

I believe that if you will try to live life like that you will miss nothing.

And if you think that Immortals do not come and speak with us or simple ask how are we doing then you are wrong.

I know life of young is hard no matter where you live or what your beliefs are. I,for one,wish you long life and hope in the future you will become strong adversary.

Keep your faith,keep your spirit

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1033.