this thread.

Sorianon of the Magesto Everyone

I believe this whole debate has taken an interesting shape.

We are constantly reminded the the Gods exist despite us, and yes, that is

very true. I don't believe any of us feel that the Gods \"owe\" us anything, and

woe be to the poor soul that would ever approach a deity in that mindset! My

feelings are that while I am growing more and more fond of Avalon all the time

in its current state, a little more God/Player interaction would make things

more interesting, and I personally don't see how this point can be debated. The

Gods don't HAVE to speak to us, or even LOOK at us if they don't want to, but it

would make things more interesting if they would. For those of you with religious

beliefs outside of Avalon, was it within the characteristics of a deity for God to

cause a bush to burn yet not be consumed in front of Moses? Was it within the

mindset of those who believe that deities do not need to interact with us that

God caused a small amount of lamp oil to provide eight days of light? I seriously

hope that there was no offense taken by my earlier examples, but I hope my point

is clear: when dealing with Deities, NOTHING is impossible, even a Deity

manifesting itself to you in full glory just to say \"Hi, how's it going? \" and

then departing just as quickly as it manifested.

Then we come to the realism debate. Exactly how realistic is it for a Deity to do

this sort of thing? Well, let me ask you this: Exactly who comes to Avalon--or to

any MUD, in fact--to enjoy its realism? I come to Avalon because I can be a Mage,

wield powerful magics, rise in rank among my peers, my city, and Avalon in general,

and test my mettle against some of the most strategically brilliant minds I'll

ever come across. Others come to Avalon because they can wield a sword, or sneak

in the shadows, or conjure demons, or can become Princes, or can burn someone alive

within the comfort of their own seeing room, and many other reasons... but I doubt

any of them are for its realism.

I'll be honest with you: If I want a realistic game where I just toil on the face

of this earth with no special skills, no companionable infrastructure, and very

little true intellectual stimulation, I wouldn't need this game, because I do have

my real life.

In a world where commoners can become princes, mere mortals can wield mighty magics,

and ordinary people can ascend to the Heavens in all Godly glory, how impossible is

it for a Deity to shoot you a smile, give you a thumbs up, and ask if all is well?

Just my opinion,

--Sorianon of the Mages

Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 1033.