Kilthas is correct in everything he said about the Springdalian army. Also, in everything he claims about thy foolishness, but that is a different story.

As for thee, Kes, I must admit, I was surprised to see thee out of the Pool this morning. Even more surprised not to see thee run back there when thou and thy friends started dying.

However, thou art still a coward, and thou still hide at the pool more often than anything.

One battle will not unmake thy cowardice.

I have never used the powers granted to me by Lord Nostradamus to run from thee, Kes, nor will I.

And before thou gain too much pride, remember that when Blueskull, Ghandarin, Magdalene and thyself fought myself, Wotan, with a little help from Leng and Yairi, each of you shipped, and none of us did.

Any time thou wish a fight, brave knight, challenge me. I will continue to challege thee as thou sit in the pool in the vain hope that when thou happen to kill me in a team, it will inflate thy ego enough to come out and die to me alone.

Lord Arthor

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1028.