Springdale and Parrius.

Kilthas, Chaotic Roninto Sir Kes the Flashing Blade


Simply put, I have no idea what you are referring to. While I was Springdalian

I did more to save the Springdalian army left precariously on the shores of

Ladakh than any other. Because of my actions, the victory of Thakria, though

a victory, was small in respect to the loss with which they now deal. If you

don't believe me, I think even Arthor will concur.

As for my joining Springdale, that is a story which has been told time and time

again, but somehow, you seem to have missed the entire point. I left of my own

free will and accord, much to the dismay of my former patron and many of my peers.

Therefore, you should speak not of matters which never concerned nor which you

have any idea as to what occurred.

Lastly, the meeting logs were before my time as a Custodian of Parrius, and

while I did voice my support of the action my city took against Mercinae, my

input was little more than that. I was not present at the meetings, nor have I

ever reviewed any of the logs save for that which made it to the public bulletin

board by Ragar's hand. You know what I do in this case, so to infer that you know

otherwise is certainly an injustice which you should immediately apologize.

Please Kes, do think prior to posting. Perhaps you'll find a way to make

yourself not look so readily the fool.

Fare thee well and tempt not the Fates,


Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1028.