You weren't around when Kilthas tried to invade Thakria with the Springdale Army, I was.

As Kilthas, or Yairi will testify I was online 20 odd hours a day for several days straight as was Kilthas, I can assure you he tried his best despite sweet FA help from other Springdalians.

When we took out his invading force, Kilthas shipped repeatedly down to almost newborn health trying to save as many legions as he could, and he did a damn fine job of it.

A few mercinians did assist Kilthas by teaming me repeatedly to try and keep me DP in order to stop me moving troops.

I shipped lots, as did the mercs fighting me, funny I never saw YOU helping out, but then what could you do ? You couldn't interrupt your lovefest with your guildtroops in the barracks to help SD wipe out the Cavaliers guild could you ?

I still remember the first words you spoke to me, when I was a few weeks old and had yet to complete apprenticeship of the Cavaliers. \" I'm going to ship and strip you till you cry and leave the game for good\"+

I'm still waiting. You have repeatedly shown yourself a coward fighting your peers. Your insanity is beginning to genuinely worry me. Instead of boasting of killing Zeni or Arthor in teams, issue mutual challenge before the whole world, let's see how

you do against your peers one on one.


Written by my hand on the 4th of Springflower, in the year 1028.