Funny how when I kill you as a coward I am, you use your hp skills to run away, and leave your fellows to die

for you.

One last thing Kilthas, stop being an idiot and tell the truth, you who destroyed SD's army against thakria, then

became thakrian. You who have shown no loyalty, you even now spits lies about.

You also know that zenichiro changed the meeting logs, with regards to the peace talks which were had with mercinae

to force you and your citizens to invade mercinae.

So why don't you come all of you and take me on, see how big you all are, while I stand against 7 of you bragging

that I am a coward and how useless I am at fighting, or that I hide at pool or some other stupied thing like

you can kill me (forgetting the other 7 people there).

I will have retribution, and it is coming down your street soon.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Cloudburst, in the year 1028.