Athena, Queen of the Damnedto Everyone

Ok so I have been reading all the funny stories and figure I would contribute mine as well! I supposed better late than never *grin*

Only meet I went to was one in VA. Well here in Florida La Quinta Suites is a very nice hotel, so I thought that would be a decent place for us to stay (Me Rajj Mohrion Allys Karfredo Dunccan and some other ones I can't recall). Well turns out it was a dump hotel off of \"Powhite\" parkway hahaha I was so mortified!!! I totally failed but we made the best of it.

I remember drinking too much and swimming about in my underwear (wasn't only me thank God) Also sharing a room with Mohrion and being so thankful he wasn't a creep! I remember all of us being way hungover all crowding together listening to Dunccan boast of his fighting prowess and just loving his girrlfriend to death (I miss her she was soooo sweet!!! After that I hated killing her here... but I did it anyway)

Lunch at Applebees (I STILL drink lemonade thank you!!) and $50 rides to the hotel that was \"Right next to the airport\" And a certain someone smelling up the entire hotel room we were all hanging out in!! I wonder if that horrible picture of me is still floating around? good time in VA!!


Yes, Dunccan, I was a good girl! Thank you for being so concerned.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 1291.