Diocletian of the Broken Robesto Everyone

Let's see. The time I was hitting on Dunccan's mom when we went to see stomp.

Dunccan buying 12 dollar tequila shots try to lure me back to his room, which ended up with him, Saj, and Zeni spooning on the bed and me way too drunk to remember I had a camera in my pocket! I'll always regret missing that opportunity.

The look on Zeni's face when England lost in the world cup that year. You would've thought someone had stabbed him in the gut.

Our epic game of bowling in Chicago. Epic.

Randomly crossing a bridge with everyone during the taste of Chicago and looking out over the river and seeing my mom of all people out on a is a big city afterall.

I'm sure theres more but I really dont recall much other than being hammered. Oh and Fist's singing was indeed pretty good.


Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1274.