Sup all!.

Nelginto Everyone

OK so some of you may remember me, I'm probably way older than most. Try

having a board for people 400 and older and I'm well in there *sigh*

So my personal Avalon career... I used to dial into bulletin boards when

I was back in England. I moved to Sheffield and asked if anyone know of

a local one. Someone suggested I give Avalon a try and I was hooked. I

can't say I'm much good, I just don't have the time and energy to create

all the macros and keep on top of which herbs cure which ailments and the

like but I enjoyed the interaction and the puzzles and questions. The

whole fantasy idea basically.

I left Sheffield and in the end it was too expensive to dial in, meanwhile

a new job brings new technology and the internet, I had my character account

transferred down to London. Quite an eye opener since people were way more

advanced than on Sheffield.

Anyway, I decided there were better ways to spend my money and finally

dropped out, though I do pop on from time to time, I still like the idea

of the game. Now I'm living in the US, moved here in 1996 and am really

enjoying my life out here and still dream of running a MUD myself and

although got quite far in developing one, never really got it up and running

before real life things got in the way (like a wonderful son :) )

I remember some others players with fondness, others with hatred, and I

still think its funny that Macros got a mardy-on because I took his GF

out to dinner :D

I'm still using \"nelgin\" to this day, once if you did a search on Google I'd

be the only person who shows up. I first logged in with my real name \"Nigel\"

but someone said \"that name doesn't suit the game - change it\" - that's the

first thing I came up with.

I'm pretty sure most of you don't particually care but there it is for the record.

Respectfully submitted,


Written by my hand on the 11th of Agamnion, in the year 1309.