Computer Controlled Characters, NPCs and Avalon AI

9. Computer Controlled Characters, NPCs, and AI

Avalon is rife with Computer Controlled Characters or CCCs. These characters are also referred to as "mobiles". The most intelligent mobile characters will react to a wide range of circumstances happening about them, for example, if attacked they will take appropriate action to give the best counter attack. They may also hold a grudge against a particular player for a long time, so beware!

Mobiles that have names, like Theacrus and Jaskar, tend to be more complicated than the lower mobiles like spiders. Many may grant quests if they consider you worthy, others may attack you on sight. Always keep a look out, and be sure to GREET friendly mobiles upon seeing them.

Named CCC's of your guild and city are often able to give out quests - these are an important part of your character's development and can provide great experience boosts. You can normally request a quest simply by greeting them - however first you may have to perform tasks so that they may listen to you.

Many mobiles can be utilised by you. You can LEAD them so that they become part of your entourage and a number of ORDERs can be issued to them. Mobiles such as steeds, ponies, dogs and many more can be bought from the various shops and stalls. When you buy a mobile it will become loyal to you. See HELP ORDER, HELP CCC and HELP FRIENDS for more information.

Steeds are very useful to the merchant-adventurer allowing him or her to travel more quickly than when on foot and to carry much much more. Greeting mobiles will sometimes spur them into giving you a personal quest, or use of REQUEST QUEST FROM <mobile> may reveal further information. Some mobiles pick up items they come across on their travels. You may be able to coax them into parting with these items one way or another.

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