Online Interactive Fantasy Adventure Game

Online Interactive Fantasy Adventure Game

Interactive adjective 1 reciprocally active. 2 (of computer etc.) Allowing two-way flow of information. Oxford English Dictionary

Fantasy noun 1 imagination. 2 fantastic invention or composition. Oxford English Dictionary

Adventure noun 1 unusual and exciting experience. 2 hazardous activity 3 danger, excitement Oxford English Dictionary

Avalon is an online interactive adventure world. A fantasy game environment into which you may enter and immerse yourself in perhaps the most exciting and complete world of challenging adventure and imagination that you are ever likely to find.

The dictionary definitions above say a lot, but don't complete the whole picture. After creating a basic character you are guided through some simple tasks and quests alongside others who are also feeling their way for the first time. Soon, though, your initial training will be complete and from that moment on your character development is in your own hands. The choices you make will dictate to some extent the level of adventure, danger, excitement and even romance that you encounter. Remember, though, that this interactive game world is populated with other adventurers like yourself who have their own agendas, goals and loyalties. In a land of few rules other than the whims of the gods, the path of your adventure will be dictated by your own choices and interaction with others.

Avalon is an ever evolving, online interactive fantasy world and life will therefore continue in that world whether you are present or not. The history and legends of the land will continue to unfold at all times and the extent to which you impact on that progression will only be limited by your own decisions, abilities and the bonds of friendship you will find yourself forging.

If you feel ready to set-out on a journey of adventure then click the link below and follow the simple character creation procedure. No software downloads are required.

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If you wish to learn more about the world of Avalon adventure before entering then feel free to browse the web site: Basic Introduction is a good place to start for the beginner.