12. About Avalon

12. About Avalon

To create a character and enter Avalon right now simply click the Play Now link above. This is the easiest method of connecting to the game if you are a beginner.

If you have a client of your own you wish to use then connect to avalon-rpg.com:23. If you are interested in acquiring a client some recommendations are show MUD Client Page.

Be aware that it is NOT necessary to pay ANY fee other than subscription and, should this be your preference, Avalon does not penalise or delimit. All Avalon characters have access to the full range of abilities, skills and positions regardless of subscription or sponsorship. There is no need nor advantage for equipment purchase nor any hidden charges as in many other games. Lessons are gained by time spent in Avalon so advancement requires no extra payment.

For the exceptional cases, divinities have a small number of sponsorships worldwide that may be given (explained in HELP SPONSORSHIP):

Avalon is not simply a game - it has evolved to a level beyond mere 'game', and success at Avalon is not a matter of clever button pushing, or isolated linear progress. You will need all the talents which lead to success in real-life; communication, quick-thinking, insight, perseverance, passion and ability. The 'game' is founded on conflict and co-operation, its aim to be a forum for emotional clashes between bitter enemies, and alliances between beloved friends. A land of heroism and villainy, not a sugary safe environment for easy progress and emotionless character building. An ever-changing land of mythical legends and brain-challenging quests - indeed, it is a land unequalled.

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