Cornelius, the all-consumingto Everyone

No doubt it has not passed the notice of all the active Field Marshalls and

some Generals that the date had shifted back to repeat the month of Mournsend

1446. There are two major factors as to why, despite all cities being present

before the third season was set to begin.

First, we have a new addition in the form of TACTICS and MARKERS upcoming that

we would like to release before the third season. It will dramatically reduce

the rigorous command entry that has characterised warfare to date. The tactics

begin as simple dispatches (including chained dispatches) stored globally or

city-wide that can be used without a physical dispatch in hand using COMMAND

<legion> TACTIC <tactic name or number>. MARKERS begin as indelible signs you

plant in the ground with a name and to which you can convey a legion, using

COMMAND <legion> CONVEY TO <marker name>. The necessity for manual marching and

complex aliases are now at an end, so after their release in the next few days,

we want all cities to review and test them, put together some common tactics

and obvious markers for their military, and begin their widespread use before

the third season.

Second and just as important, we must face the economic rebalance now. In light

of the imminent receipt of tribute and the explosion of equipment levels, it is

best to have the rebalance before these become a major factor.

It is wise to pause affairs at this point until tactics, markers, and the

rebalance are all finished. There is still much you may all be doing in the

meantime, namely testing the new shortcuts and making plans for your military's

commodity usage. I recommend the liberal use of CHELP and MHELP.

The way the pause will come into effect is novel. There is a new status for

legion movement that we will use, territory bound, which as the name implies

allows your legions to move freely within flagged territory or, if claiming

already, may plant a flag. Otherwise, legions will not venture out of

territorial bounds and will only move back to the nearest flagged location,

much like homeward bound in winter. Consequently, you will all be able to test

your tactics and markers out in the living world, not only on Battleisle.

If all follows schedule, we will look at a weekend return on Friday, 2nd March.

The cities, feeling starved of commodities, will want to grab as many as they

can from their new territory.

Commodities are the lifeblood of warfare and its daily reward, so I encourage

you to read News BB #213 and to attend that meeting as very interested parties,

even if not a baron or minister.


Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 8th of Mournsend, in the year 1446.