The Great Treaty of Leaflost, 1268 Between Thakria, Springdale, and Silverfalls.

Count Trakea, The Berserker Princeto Everyone

The following treaty is created on this day of Leaflost, 1268 between the City of Thakria, the City of Springdale, and the future city of Silverfalls.


A. The city of Springdale in any physical form is declared entirely razed. Its existence as a city is terminated. The ruins of Springdale to be considered buried by the Thakrian troops and conquered from the point of the armistice signing. The ruins shall be cast into the under-deeps as a memorial beneath the future city of Silverfalls.

B. The above includes but is not limited to: all guild halls within the current confines of Springdale being closed.

C. The new city of Silverfalls shall be governed by its new Princess Chasity, with governmental rights over the Justice Ministry given to Pryrates. Their power cannot be questioned for 20 Avalon years.

D. The current citizens of Springdale will not become citizens of Silverfalls. Citizenship of Silverfalls will be decided by Chasity or Pryrates, except where otherwise noted.

E. The city walls of the new city of Silverfalls will be withdrawn, borders not to include any ancient forest part of Springdale.

F. All temples of Springdale will be buried and rendered non-sanctuary, except the shrine to Genesis.

G. All Springdale marked locations will revert to Thakrian SOI.

H. The palantirs of the Prophets guild will be moved. 1 will become public at the Tower of G'Harran, and 1 will be held by Genesis, to be distributed as He sees fit.

I. The Craftmaster Guild vat and runebench will be held by Genesis for future distribution.

J. Shrines may be erected, at the expense of Thakria, for Thanatos and Xanthe in the old ruins of Springdale to represent Thakrian conquest.

K. A permanent narrative memorial will be erected in Silverfalls, depicting the conquest and fall of Springdale. Further memorials will be placed in the ruins of Springdale.


A. The new city shall have no forts or guildhouses on its soil at inception.

B. The new city will not be allowed to enlist an army or build forts for the judgement period of this treaty (defined below). All enlistments will be as \"fieldworkers\" without offensive capabilities.

C. The following citizens will not be allowed to join the new city without permission from The Judge (defined below): Orinoko, Elminster, Finbar, Denzeldash, Goten, Kinjin, Eloire, Flamestrike, Rikki, Islas, Eudueria, Saroman.

D. The new city will have a minimum of 3 accessable city gates.

E. The Necromancers, or any other Sorcerer related guild, will not be allowed to build a guildhouse in Silverfalls.

F. No guildhouse may be opened in Silverfalls if the guild GM is not a citizen of Silverfalls.


A. Thakria will be paid 1 million coin and 20k in Iron upon ratification of this treaty.

B. Within 2 Avalon years, Thakria will be paid 2k silver, 2k gold, 250 tin, 400 yarriol, and 500 adamant.

C. Thakria will maintain a small army to defend the New City as required. This army shall remain in place for the duration of the treaty. This army will be no less than 5000 men and will maintain a presence on the soil of Silverfalls during the judgement period unless otherwise agreed. Thakria will defend the territory of Silverfalls for the duration of the treaty to the fullest extent against any invading force.

D. New city pays the cost in coin to maintain the 5k troops. If Thakria uses more, Thakria will pay any extra.

E. The above mentioned memorials will create a narrative of the struggle for Thakrian conquest. The memorials will act as a portal and the only connection between the surface and the buried Springdale. These memorials will act as ANTI-SHRINES against Aethon, former patron of Springdale.


A. The Judgement Period of this treaty shall initially be 20 Avalon years from the date stated at the start of the armistice.

B. During this period, Silverfalls will be tasked with becoming the antithesis of the defeated Springdale. The image and actions of Silverfalls will be monitored for progression away from pacifism towards excellence in all Avalonian pursuits. Pryrates will be viewed as a paradigm in this respect.

C. At the end of the Judgement Period, the Judge and a neutral deity selected by Chasity and the Judge, will determine if Silverfalls has achieved progress as desired. If they have been deemed to do so, Silverfalls will be restored to full and free city status with all fieldworkers converted to soldiers. If they are not deemed successful, Silverfalls will cease to exist and all their assets will then be transformed into a new city, 'East Thakria' or some name to be decided, as an extension to the Thakrian Empire - of which Genesis will select mortals for council and prominant positions.

D. The Judge will be Count Trakea, unless the post is otherwise assigned with agreement of both the neutral deity and Trakea. Should Count Trakea become dormant without assigning a successor as Judge, Thanatos will be allowed to appoint a new Judge under this treaty.

E. Genesis will be the Neutral Deity, unless otherwise modified by Chasity and the Judge


A. Silverfalls and Thakria will be deemed officially neutral by both parties and will remain as such through the Judgement Period.

B. No military actions will be taken by either party against the other for the duration of this treaty (the Judgement Period).

C. In the event of a break of the armistice by Silverfalls; Silverfalls will be subject to permanent eradication and will be responsible for turning over all revenue and city resources to Thakria, and in its place the city 'East Thakria', or some name to be decided, will replace Silverfalls as an extension to the Thakrian Empire - of which Lord Genesis will select mortals for council and prominant positions.

D. In the event of a break of the armistice by Thakria, as a result of direct warfare against Silverfalls by Thakria; the forts of the former Springdale valued at 600k in total will be reconstructed within Silverfalls and evenly divided amongst the 3 gates of Silverfalls. All Thakrian troops will be expelled form city soil, and Silverfalls fieldworkers will immediately become a fully functioning army. Silverfalls will gain full, free city status.

E. No activity outside of warfare is restricted under this treaty. This treaty explicitly allows complete freedom in areas including harvest, enlisting, theft, and personal combat.

Thus ends the treaty, affirmed by my hand on this day of Leaflost, 1268.

Count Trakea, Prince of Thakria

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1268.