The Vice Regency Accords - Year 1238 after the Divine War.

Sir Dunccanto Everyone

1. The treaty will last for no less than 25 years (1264 A DW) by right of conquest. All stipulations bellow shall be binding for said period.

2. A mutual protection pact shall exist between Parrius and Mercinae.

a. Any attack on either city wall with troops will occasion a retaliatory action from the allied city

b. If the City of Mercinae is attacked with troops then Parrius will respond with no less than 15% of her total military might.

c If the City of Parrius is attacked with trrops then Mercinae must respond with no less than 15% or 8,000 men (whichever is greater).

3. Open Boarders

a. The City of Mercinae may march a legion no greater than 500 men inside parrian SOI

b. The City of Parrius may march any number of troops through mercinaen SOI

4. Parrius will control the locations currently transformed into City of Parrius proper at the eastern gates of mercinae. If it is necessary in keeping these locations to maintain an SOI link via the highway to Parrius then mercinae will relinquish highway soi

5. The City of Mercinae shall not build new fortifications east of River way by bridge, unless given permission by the Parrian First Mariner

6. Neither city shall interfere with the other's military actions unless asked or in specific fulfillment of the mutual protection pact.

7. The City of Mercinae shall pay 2.5 million coin to the city of Parrius upon signing of this treaty. At least 500,000 of this payment shall be allocated by Parrius to the defense of the Mercinaen east gate. Funds will be made available to the Parrian Field Marshall upon request with the specific purpose of defending the east gate.

a. 250,000 arrows and 20,000 bows shall be transferred to Mercinae as part of this action.

8. The City of Mercinae, The City of Light shall hence-forth and for the duration of the treaty, be renamed as Mercinae, City of the Lion.

a The flag shall continue to be the swan.

b City Moto \"Courage and Sacrifice

c A statue of a Mercinaen Knight, sword held high shall be errected in the center of cassiandora square. The inscription \"To The Fallen Brethren for her did they bleed and for this she loved them, one and all\" shall be written upon it's base.

9. Theft, No theft shall be perpetrated by either city except by members of the thief professions. This includes homes, guilds, shops, and persons. Rupture of this point shall require the perpetrator city to repay the losses two fold.

10. Seer stones. Neither city shall use mystic powers upon the other without prior consent, this includes all skills and specializations available to the seer profession. This only applies to locations deemed City of Mercinae and City of Parrius. (This includes the old Mercinaen East Gate)

11 Citizenship - Failure to uphold the following terms with the utmost alacrity shall require The City of Mercinae to pay a penalty of 1,000,000 coin to Parrius for each term broken.

a. Citizen India, Guild Mistress of Mages shall not hold any positions political or appointed within the city. India may not march any troops and also will lose her status of Duke. She is not to be given Field Marshall or Chancelory aideships.

12 Patron - City Patron of Mercinae shall be Proteus, God of the Sea for the duration of the treaty.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Skyelong, in the year 1238.