Treaty Breach.

Wizard Gandalph, BlackHeart of the Nightto Everyone

Thank you, Lord Genesis, interceding to clarify the situation with the Prophets and Mystics.

Orielle, regarding the alleged theft, a log of such actions would be appreciated. If so, the treaty is equally clear about the intended consequences of violations:

BREACH OF CONDITIONS: Victims of breaches will be entitled to double compensation or a mutually agreed compensation of the two governments.

If, in fact, we violated the treaty, there are multiple ways to handle things:

1) Working it out rationally without invoking the treaty, for example, return of stolen goods as this is a single act, not a trend to my knowledge.

2) letter of the law per Breach of Conditions. This mechanism was put in place to discourage violations and was put there for a reason - to provide a simple, effective, measurable, MEASURED, and PREDICTABLE response to any issues that might arise, or

3) Use violations - real and/or perceived - as a pretext for destroying the peace we worked so hard to build.

Sadly, as I see it, it is Parrius that is seeking an excuse to disavow this treaty, not Springdale. No doubt you may see it differently, but I sincerely hope we can find a way to redress any issues on both sides and honor a treaty signed in good faith by both sides.

armsmash rikki has been pointed out previously by both Lord Genesis and Prince Orinoko, the treaty when developed couldn't have anticipated current political developments. If Parrius or Mercinae would like to address new parameters for peace we are prepared to discuss them.

Gandalph, Foreign Minister of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 9th of Mournsend, in the year 1238.