Correcting your inaccuracies, one message was received from Rhapsody asking

to surrender before any razing had took place and while Springdale still had

3000 troops at it's disposal. I learned with Parrius that Springdale when

left with troops and ordered not to use them, despite 'defeat' would try to

sneak around and attack when most convenient for them. And so Rhapsody was

simply told 'Not quite yet'.

A short time later and with much of the city untouched I posted and gave

instructions on how Springdale could avoid any more razing. I urged you not

to dawdle and yet you steadfastly ignored me. Since then (bar a conversation

with Giliad) I've not been contacted by any Springdalian, indeed you yourself

ignored a message I sent you.

My conversation with Giliad consisted of him informing me (unofficially) that

Springdalians would never accept any kind of submission to Thakria, and that

we could either accept the treaty Springdale would offer us or we would have

to 'take our chances with the gods'.

So barring one sentence from Rhapsody, there has been no contact with any of

your citizens. It's sad that you need reminding, but you are the conquered,

it is not Thakria's job to run after you to try to give you a deal, if you

wish to speak to us you should make an attempt. And yet you have not.

Despite your claims it's clear humility is one thing you haven't learned. You

wish for a nice happy treaty containing nothing but such emotionless clauses

as numbers of gold and commodities. You should feel pain and humiliation for

your defeat, it shouldn't just be a case of going through the motions. It was

hoped that you cared enough for your city that you would have the honour to

sacrifice your defiance for a moment for the good of your fellow citizens.

It's clear you care nothing for Springdale, it'd be just like a 'leader' such

as yourself to jump ship right about now and find some other city to run into

the ground and leech from.

If Springdale has stuck in it's collective mind a treaty that reads like

a spreadsheet, I suggest it thinks again.

At this stage I would humbly request of Lord Genesis that he allow us to

conclude this matter between our two cities.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1090.