The city of Springdale humbly acknowledges defeat of our city by the will of Nostradamus and his city, Thakria. Through his plans and action, our army is now non-existent, we are left with no other recourse but to sue for peace.

During the invasion, the city sued for peace in the hope that the complete destruction of our city could be avoided. Those pleas were declined, and Thakria and its troops continued to raze all essential city buildings as is their right. Thakria have s

ince made a demand of Springdale's Ministers and Barons to supplicate themselves to Barons of Thakria before negotiations for peace will even begin. We assure you that the barony of Springdale are willing to humbly accept defeat and acknowledge that T

hakria have won the field of battle.

Springdale will not however swear personal oaths to Thakrians, there would be no further point in negotiations should we be forced to compromise our integrity in such a manner.

Left with no further recourse, the city of Springdale would appeal to you as the ultimate authority in this land for your protection. Springdale does wish to continue it's existence, and would hope to rise from it's current predicament. We do not howe

ver feel that this would be possible if our loyalties and soversignty were bound in such a way away from our city.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1090.