Events Update.

Cornelius, the god of magicto Everyone

Below is additional information about today's events: Rite of Flame and Mage Root Reset.

The Rite of Flame will be held tonight (Saturday 24th January) at 7PM EST / Midnight GMT, presided by Proteus, god of the sea. This Rite and all subsequent will see the beginning of the Martyrs: at the end of the Rite, the choice to offer one's own life in approval or to spurn the union. It isn't mandatory - far from it - and less extreme offerings will also be welcomed!

One may become a martyr for only one of the Rites (Flame, Entwined, Spirit) and remembered throughout history and favoured forever by the two deities. It involves walking willing into the Flame Imperishable and releasing, for a time, the very soul in all its fractal iridescence. Festooning plays an important role here. More we cannot say for the offering is only a matyrdom if it includes Faith.

The fractal soul (state of Martyrdom) will be concluded in the final Rite of Union.

Martyrdom is not for the faint of heart and it may be wise to speak to the presiding deity beforehand if they are interested. Be ready for anything if you decide to martyr yourself, both good and ill. It is a profound and unique experience!

The Mage Root Reset will begin after the Rite of Flame. It will be an ongoing process for the next week. It will be overseen by Cornelius, the god of magic. Mages present at the reset will be able to claim an area for each element: a claim will give the mage great benefits from the release of elemental experience (unattributed) as the roots are withdrawn.

Remember to FESTOON and look for the divine blooms around the land days before each Rite. They play an important role in the land and during each Rite. All will soon find out just how important. HELP FESTOON has practical info. Also try giving the rainbow staff a NOD (at the holy altar's avenue of oaks) to get the \"story so far\" on the progress of these minor rites as we lead up to the wedding day itself - the Rite of Union - on February 13th.

Cornelius, the god of magic

Written and shown unedited exactly as rendered by text based game bulletin board on Avalon Online RPG and by my hand on the 21st of Hindyear, in the year 1370.