and aerian.

Culinane, Centenarianto Kal Zakath

I appear to have hit a nerve with you both.

In response to your ill-conceived comments, Zakath, I have two final things to say. First, you are wrong to suggest I was moaning. When Aerian challenged me and ran to his staves, I told him not to waste my time. Hence I did not return the challenge,

he is hardly worthy of it in any event. This precipitated Aerian's post, not any moaning on my part. I view it as rather the same as when you challenge me and lock yourself in a room in your or another guild, then start crowing when I won't come rushi

ng in. I suppose if this is a victory for you, well Bravo!

Second, you seem to think staves aren't very powerful, or imply that in your post. Perhaps you can explain then, why you generally only come out of your house to set up rits in areas which have been staved by Aerian? You have certainly never fought me

anywhere without it being staved to the nines.

Flame away at me, I can't say it really matters anymore. Have fun and perhaps one day you will find the spine to stand on your own.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Hindyear, in the year 1010.